Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ethical and Philosophical Relevance of Neuroscience

The project group "Neuroscience in Context: Critical Perspectives,
Neuroethics, and Anthropology" kindly invites you to attend their
international meeting on neuroethics and neurophilosophy:

On the Ethical and Philosophical Relevance of Neuroscience

held at the University of Bonn, Germany, October 4 2008.

Influenced by the scientific success of cognitive neuroscience, many
take it for granted that its findings are relevant to other disciplines
such as anthropology and philosophy. We want to analyze their relevance,
considering the empirical state of the art as well as theoretical and
normative issues as presented by experts in science and philosophy.

Jorge Moll (Rio de Janeiro): Bridging Moral Sentiments, Values and
Neuroscience: New Perspectives
Guy Kahane (Oxford): The Neuroscience of Morality: Methodological
Considerations and Normative Implications
Neil Levy (Melbourne & Oxford): How the Sciences of the Mind Threaten
Autonomy, and How They Can Enhance It
Elisabeth Hildt (Tuebingen): Anthropological and Ethical Key Issues of
the Neurosciences
Dieter Birnbacher (Duesseldorf): Chair of the adjacent plenary discussion

Admission is free but registration is required due to limited capacity;
please visit the project's website at www.nic-online.eu for more

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