Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MoS 'o9 | Call for Papers


Conference in Nottingham
12 – 14 September 2009
The Metaphysics of Science A.H.R.C. Project’s Grand Finale Conference.
Convenors: Stephen Mumford | Markus Schrenk | Matthew Tugby


Helen Beebee, Antony Eagle, Katherine Hawley, Marc Lange,
Barry Loewer, Jennifer McKitrick, L. A. Paul, James Woodward.


September 09: Sat, 12 – Mon, 14 Conference
Mid February 09: Registration Forms online
01 April 09: Deadline for Submissions
Early May 09: Notifications
Early July 09: Deadline for Early Registration
Late August 09: Deadline for Late Registration


The broad topic of the conference will be metaphysics of science, covering the core areas of causation, dispositions, laws and natural kinds. We welcome submissions from graduate students, as well as from academics on the above subjects, for multiple parallel sessions. Please indicate if you wish to be considered for the graduate sessions, which will be held separately. Detailed abstracts of ca. 1,000 words outlining the main arguments of your paper should be sent by e-mail attachment to Matt at apxmt1@nottingham.ac.uk or to Markus at arkus.schrenk@nottingham.ac.uk.
You may, alternatively, submit the full paper, accompanied by a shorter abstract. If we are unable to decide about a paper based on the abstract, we may request that the full-length paper be sent to us for consideration. Please note: our ability to accommodate all papers may be restricted. We accept the following formats: doc, txt, rtf, pdf, pages. Papers must be suitable for presentation in ca. 30min (15min are reserved for Q&A). The deadline for submissions is 01 April 2009. We aim to inform successful submitters in early May 2009.


Downloadable pdf poster at:
Registration forms will be available online from mid February. We are aiming to offer graduate bursaries for reduced conference fees and subsidized lunches and dinners. The conference website will be updated continuously and a second CfP will follow beginning of next year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mechanisms and Causality in the Sciences

9-11 September 2009
University of Kent, Canterbury, UK


Scientific explanation of some phenomenon often proceeds by elucidating the mechanism resposible for the phenomenon. But what is a mechanism, precisely? Does the notion of mechanism vary across the sciences? Causal relationships are also often invoked to explain; how do causal explanations relate to mechanistic explanations? More fundamentally, how do mechanisms relate to causality?

The three-day conference Mechanisms and Causality in the Sciences will explore these and related questions. We welcome submissions from scientists, philosophers, statisticians and others on these themes. If you would like to present a paper at the conference, please submit an abstract by 1st May. If you would like your paper to be published in the accompanying volume, please submit the full paper by 1st July.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Metaphysics of Science Conference 2-5 July 2009: Call for Papers

Deadline: 30 January 2009

We invite offers of papers for a conference on the metaphysics of science, which is to be held at the University of Melbourne from 2-5 July 2009. The conference is a collective initiative of the philosophy programs at La Trobe, Monash and Melbourne Universities, as well as the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney. Further information about the conference is available on the conference website:


To propose a paper, please submit a 500 word abstract to Howard Sankey (chs@unimelb.edu.au) before the deadline of 30 January 2009.

Because of space and time constraints, there may be a need to place limitations on the number of papers that we accept for the conference. If we are unable to make a decision on whether to accept a paper based on the abstract, we may request that a full-length version of the paper be submitted for consideration. We hope to be able to inform potential conference participants whether their paper is accepted by mid-February 2009.

The Metaphysics of Science conference is scheduled to lead into the annual conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP), which will be held in Melbourne commencing the evening of 5 July. In the event that we are unable to accommodate all proposed papers within the Metaphysics of Science conference, we expect to hold a number of metaphysics of science streams within the AAP conference programme.

Associate Professor Howard Sankey

School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry

University of Melbourne

Parkville, Victoria

Australia 3010

Phone: (61) (03) 8344-6558

Fax: (61) (03) 8344 4280


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ethical and Philosophical Relevance of Neuroscience

The project group "Neuroscience in Context: Critical Perspectives,
Neuroethics, and Anthropology" kindly invites you to attend their
international meeting on neuroethics and neurophilosophy:

On the Ethical and Philosophical Relevance of Neuroscience

held at the University of Bonn, Germany, October 4 2008.

Influenced by the scientific success of cognitive neuroscience, many
take it for granted that its findings are relevant to other disciplines
such as anthropology and philosophy. We want to analyze their relevance,
considering the empirical state of the art as well as theoretical and
normative issues as presented by experts in science and philosophy.

Jorge Moll (Rio de Janeiro): Bridging Moral Sentiments, Values and
Neuroscience: New Perspectives
Guy Kahane (Oxford): The Neuroscience of Morality: Methodological
Considerations and Normative Implications
Neil Levy (Melbourne & Oxford): How the Sciences of the Mind Threaten
Autonomy, and How They Can Enhance It
Elisabeth Hildt (Tuebingen): Anthropological and Ethical Key Issues of
the Neurosciences
Dieter Birnbacher (Duesseldorf): Chair of the adjacent plenary discussion

Admission is free but registration is required due to limited capacity;
please visit the project's website at www.nic-online.eu for more

Stephan Schleim, M.A.

Department of Psychiatry
Division of Medical Psychology
University of Bonn
Sigmund-Freud-Stra├če 25
53105 Bonn

Tel: +49(0)228 287 19705
Fax: +49(0)228 287 19125
Web: www.meb.uni-bonn.de/psychiatrie/mp/
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences

FINAL REMINDER CFP: Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences

Final Reminder Call for Papers:

31st International Wittgenstein Symposium 2008 on
Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences

Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, 10-16 August 2008




Contributed papers should be submitted in RTF or Word format and sent as
e-mail attachment to: Alexander.Hieke@sbg.ac.at,

Further instructions for authors and further information on the symposium
are available at <http://www.alws.at/wittgenstein08.htm>.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

European Society for Philosophy and Psychology

16th ANNUAL MEETING: Utrecht, Netherlands, June 26, 27, 28th 2008

CALL FOR PAPERS: Deadline 29th February 2008.


Invited speakers:

- Marina Nespor, University of Milan, Italy: Mechanisms in Early language acquisition.
- Radu Bogdan, Dept of Philosophy,
Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey: Why development matters to cognitive science: The case for mental assembly.
- Nicky Clayton, Dept of Exptl. Psychology, Cambridge University, UK: The development and evolution of mental time travel.
- Yosef Grodzinsky, McGill University, Canada: A brain map for syntax and semantics.

Invited symposium organizers

- Asher Koriat, Dept of Psychology, University of Haifa, Israel: Metacognition
- Peter Hagoort, FC Donders Institute/ Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen: Downward causation
- Mike Martin, Dept of Philosophy, University College London, UK: Joint action
- Corrado Sinigaglia, University of Milan, Italy: Embodied language

The Society invites submitted papers, posters and symposia for this meeting.

Previous topics covered at
ESPP include spatial concepts, emotion, perception, simulation theory, attention, reference, problems of consciousness, early numerical cognition, infants' understanding of intentionality, memory and time, motor imagery, causal understanding, counterfactuals, the semantics/pragmatics distinction, reasoning, vagueness, mental causation, action and agency, thought without language, externalism, connectionism, hypnosis, and the interpretation of neuropsychological results.

See http://www.eurospp.org/2008/submission.html for full details of electronic submission requirements. Submissions are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and relevance to psychologists, philosophers and linguists. All submissions must include an abstract of 250 words maximum, in addition to a 750 word summary (psychology and linguistics) or a short paper (philosophy). Potential convenors of symposium submissions should email the description and list of speakers directly to one of the programme chairs by 1 February 2008.

We particularly welcome POSTER submissions. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference as well as at designated poster sessions. The first author of each accepted poster (and who does not also present a paper) will get free ESPP membership for 2008.

Programme chairs:

Psychology: Liz Robinson, U. Warwick, UK. e.j.robinson@warwick.ac.uk
Philosophy: Matt Nudds, U. Edinburgh, UK. matthew.nudds@ed.ac.uk
Linguistics: Alessandro Zucchi, U. Milan, Italy. alessandro.zucchi@unimi.it

Monday, January 7, 2008

Metaphysics of Science conference: 3-5 July 2009

This is a preliminary announcement of a conference on the Metaphysics of Science, which will be held at the University of Melbourne 3-5 July 2009.


The purpose of the conference will be to promote discussion of current research in the metaphysics of science. The field of the metaphysics of science is one that barely existed a decade or two ago. But it has now become one of the most active areas of current research in philosophy of science and closely related areas of philosophy. Our aim will be to bring together a significant group of philosophers who are currently working on the metaphysics of science for concentrated discussion of their current research, as well as to explore new directions that are opening up in the field. It is anticipated that at least one major volume of published essays will emerge from papers presented at the conference.

For a general overview of the relevant issues, please see the text on the Metaphysics of Science by Brian Ellis.


We anticipate that topics will range over a variety of areas of interest in the metaphysics of science. Such potential topics for discussion may include topics in the ontology of science, such as causation, laws of nature, natural kinds, universals, essences, dispositions and powers. Issues relating to scientific realism and anti-realism, as well as the implications of the realist/anti-realist debate for topics in the metaphysics of science will also be on the agenda. Other topics to be explored are likely to include the nature of possibility and necessity, as well as truth-makers, especially as these topics relate to the metaphysics of science.

International focus

Research in the metaphysics of science is being undertaken throughout the philosophical world. We therefore expect the conference to be international in character. Philosophers in the Australasian region have been active contributors to this new field of research. So we expect a significant presence of Australasian philosophers working in the area. However, we hope to attract significant participation by philosophers from North America, Great Britain and continental Europe, as well as other parts of the world. As details of invited speakers emerge, we will announce a list of invited speakers.

Further details

Further details will be announced on this website, as information becomes available. In particular, we plan in the near future to make announcements of a list of invited speakers, a call for papers, as well as details of the conference venue, registration details and accommodation.

Conference organization

The conference is a joint initiative that is sponsored on a collective basis by the Philosophy programs of La Trobe, Melbourne and Monash Universities. The Centre for Time of the University of Sydney will co-sponsor a symposium which will be held at the conference.

Organizational Committee: David Armstrong, John Bigelow, Andrew Brennan, Brian Ellis, Graham Oppy, Toby Handfield, Huw Price, Graham Priest, Howard Sankey.

For further information, please visit the conference web site here or contact the conference organizer, Howard Sankey: chs@unimelb.edu.au.